Monday, 23 July 2007

What a terryfying experience

Well I hope I have just created a blog! People say it is so easy - I don't think so! You need a title - do you make one up or do you give your real name? You need an address - the same applies. You have to open an "account" - how much does this cost? The main thing is will I ever find it again to carry on or look at the comments - if anyone else can find it.

I came upon the title "Flockette" as that is what we call our female lambs that will go into the flock - one of them walked past the window as I was wondering what to put. At the moment I have four "Flockettes" - all black and white, piebald I suppose you might say. If anyone remembers Sue in Sooty and Weep one of the flockettes looks just like her with big black eyes. Another one is called Ashley after the footballer Ashley Cole - that's another story.

Anyway, will sign off now and hope to find my blog again with far more interesting thoughts when I know it works.