Thursday, 11 November 2010

I should go away more often!

Well it is really good to be back home. It's great to go to England to see my mum, sisters and their families, and of course Thomas my son, but it is exhausting trying to fit everything in.

It starts as soon as we get off the boat. Traffic, endless streams of it. Going where - who knows? Even at 11 o'clock at night the motorways are still full. Cars and lorries travelling at breakneck speed, going where? On travelling up to the Lakes we decided Windermere must be full, it was. But not with all the lorries we had been following.

Anyway, it's good to be back (just wish the weather would cheer up again).

Whilst I was away, however, OH was really busy. He'd arranged a painter and decorator to finish the painting downstairs rooms. So now the hallway up to our bedroom is done, and the mirror the girls bought us is up. The massive window wall in the dining/kitchen has been painted a beautiful fig colour - and it looks great, not at all dark like it did in the hallway when I tried it. The sitting room is now an off-white/yellowy colour with a lovely clean white ceiling.

I still have the guest side to do, I could be doing that now, but's bank holiday here today, so perhaps next week. OH's family are coming for a few days over christmas so I'll really have to get the bedrooms done.

We have even put the pictures up in the newly decorated rooms, and are fetching the curtains tomorrow. I bet they'll be up by Saturday night.

Oh, and the water-but (which I bought in July) has been installed and we're saving loads of water now all the summer plants and veggies have died! But it all goes to help water the sheep.