Monday, 28 January 2008

A belated Happy New Year

Yes, I know it is nearly February. But with one thing and another - lambing, collecting Mother for Xmas, Xmas and New Year, illness etc., A Happy New Year to one and all.

We started December with Laura and I going to Paris Christmas shopping with a trip from our commune. It was advertised at "leaving a 6.00 a.m.", when you booked they told you it was actually 5.00 a.m. - at least I got away without all the feeding etc!!! We had a great day - found W.H. Smiths in Paris, sadly they didn't stock Farmer's Weekly so I couldn't take one home gloating "got it in Paris". Took some great photo's on my all singing and dancing new mobile phone. The funniest was at Galleries Lafayette - fantastic shops. They had young boys dressed in white - even down to the winkle pickers - and white wings. Laura said "they've had too much Red Bull!" Apparently it gives you wings! When I say young boys I mean teenage 19/20 young boys! She couldn't resist taking a photo.

Before going to Paris I warned the sheep not to start lambing before 2nd Dec. After that they could do what they wanted, within reason. For once they obliged, and started the week after our trip to Paris. The weekend of the 8/9th was awful - raining cats and dogs (Louise, my eldest, was 21 on the 7th). The sheep HAD to come in regardless of whether we were ready or not. We sorted them out on the Sunday (9th) into iminents and another couple of weeks. The iminents stayed in (and have since finished lambing), the another couple of weeks are still out - with 6 newborn additions!

Mother came into Limoges on the 17th Dec. in time to stress me out and get me organised for Christmas. Because of the burnt out tractor we are late with getting in our cereals (they are still not in), David was going on about me following him with the seed drill to do the fields - this was with a party (HE decided we should have one) and Christmas looming, no windows in my tractor and a gale force wind blowing. Well, it was like a red rag to a bull for my mother! Fortunately, or not, it rained in time so saved me hours on a draughty tractor, and grief from Ma. The day of the party arrived, 22nd Dec., at 4.00 p.m. no Christmas tree up, no table for the food (we had caterers to the food) and no David! But we knew where he was. So a quick phone call later and everyone knew I was stressed! As the first guests arrived (EARLY) I was just coming in from feeding pet lambs. It improved as it went on - especially when most of the guests wanted to watch the finals of Strictly - they only came on condition it was on.

Christmas came and went - I'm not a great lover of Christmas as we have always had to work, even when we were young and in a pub - hopefully next year we will be retired and be able to do Christmas properly, or at least without rushing about. As usual the turkey lost his legs prematurely, as he wouldn't fit into the cooker with them. The work was all done for the day before we had our dinner, present opening was done around lunchtime after the morning feeding up session, lunch consisted of Kir and chocolates!

Louise, the eldest, got engaged and proudly showed off her ring on Boxing Day. Hopefully, they will wait a bit before getting married - she has been told to look after her father so he is around to pay for it! Yes, I am a bitch, but that is for another post.

Thomas introduced us to his girlfriend, a very nice French girl whose parents keep the bar/restaurant in the next village.

So that really brings us to the New Year - Mum went back 7th Jan, kids are back at work/school,
we're back to getting up to a great feeding operation. At least the last weekend has been lovely weather. I even ditched the hat, coat and waterproofs on Sunday. If I hadn't my lower legs - were they are double wrapped with waterproofs and wellies - would have been like matchsticks!

So, it's now time to bid farewell and go and feed Matt and Alicia and Mary and their (bottlefed) friends. To the next post.