Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Life since 4/9/07

What has been going on since the last blog? Where does one begin?

Laura is better at lycee, though we have had one headache experience when, once again, she ended up in hospital for two hours. Better than the week she had there in May with suspected meningitus. She has had her eyes tested so now has to wear glasses. I hope this does the trick as the next thing is a brain scan. I bet her father gipped at the 445 euros for the glasses for her. We daren't tell him he owes me 66 euros for the doctors and opticians appointments. He gets it back through his Social Security.

At least she like her course this year, so apart from the boarding we are halfway there.

No news from her sister or her brother, so I don't know how the apprenticeship is going.
Will probably see Thomas at the weekend when I go and beg for my 66 euros!

My husband was just finishing ploughing on the Wednesday 6th, when the tractor caught fire!
It's now a burnt out shell on the field, and we're waiting to see what the insurance will give us. As it was 27 years old I am not holding my breath for the cost of a new John Deere! It was quite an emotional experience as the tractor was part of my divorce settlement! He is a really nice man, my ex! Even Laura was a bit upset as shee remembers sleeping in the footwell whilst I was baling or wrapping bales in Cumbria. As I said, like my marriage, the tractor went up in flames!

The weather has been good, no rain for 4 weeks so in theory we should be well up in the ploughing and field prep. stakes. However, with no tractor we are, as usual, late with everything.

David went on a Chambre d'Agriculture day yesterday. It was lovely, once I had moved the neighbours sheep off our field, to have a bit of p&q on my own. He caused a stir by telling everyone I was left cutting wood for the winter though. We'll need it now it has suddenly gone a bit cold.

Today I was given 2 hours to clean the house before some people came to look round. I really need at least a day (or two), but it was presentable, and after being told off for not helping David kept them outside until I went to greet them! If nothing else happens, at least the house will be clean for a bit.

On Friday we are going to a bull sale and staying there for lunch. I wonder which poor French farmers will draw the short straw and sit next to us?

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

La rentree (back to school)

My youngest daughter, Laura, went back to Lycee today. What a weekend we have had. Ups and downs of emotions. To start with she hates school, but hates having to board during the week even more. It was decided that she would ask her sister, who lives in the same town as Laura's Lycee, to let her stay in the flat she shares with her boyfriend. He is in the army and so is not there during the week, so there would only be the two sisters. In theory, not something too difficult. However, Louise, the sister, has a friend staying while she flat-hunts. So that would mean three of them - during the week - in a one-bedroomed flat. Suffice to say Louise gipped at having her sister share as well.

Laura then said, tearfully, she would not go to Poitiers to Lycee but would go to another one only 20 minutes from home and get the bus each day. This would mean doing another course that she would be doing grudgingly, as there is not a course linked to Child nursing locally.

Fortunately, or so I thought, she has decided she will board at Poitiers but we are going flat-hunting for her. She also has to find a flatmate as her dad has said no to being on her own (but what happens if the flatmate leaves?). So we have to negotiate the French system to see how much financial help the Social will cough up. Is anything easy?

At least she has only been on the phone once today so far. I daren't tell I sat in the car crying when I left her. It was far easier to leave them at school at 5 knowing you would see them in a few hours. But to leave a tearful 18 year old and say "Chin up, see you next week" is emotionally draining.

I hope the friend gets a nice flat - NOT.