Monday, 20 October 2008

Another update

Well, we have had a week in England and Ireland seeing David's family. It was rather hectic, but very enjoyable. We will spend more time in Ireland with his daughter next time. Two nights with the grand-children are sufficient!

We are less than two weeks away from signing away the farm, and signing up for our new life. Both of us are looking forward to it as it does become very stressful - the signing away bit. We negotiated the prices for the cows last week, and OH was convinced they all new what was happening. Bertie has desserted his two heifers and taken on Victor (the senior bull) to see if he can "sort out" the older cows. I hope he has more luck with the young Normand cow - she has had a caesarian, a dead calf (then nicked her aunt's calf) and finally produced a bull last year - which went into the freezer today!

We're still trying to sell 100 in-lamb sheep. So we are taking either 130 or 230 sheep (je ne sais pas) I don't know! We hope to be in our new home by Christmas, with a possible wedding in the grounds next August!

Thomas has gone back to England to work, aided and abetted by his father. More later. Have a spare ticket for Tina, which Louise will probably benefit from.

The weather has been just super. Wall to wall sunshine, a bit frosty some nights, but absolutely glorious. Let's hope it's like this when we are retired and can enjoy it!

Charlie is first in the van now, comes up for a cuddle first thing and lets OH make a fuss too! So he is definitely coming with us.

Am trying to reduce the number of cockerals - but a freezer full of beef might slow that process down.

Anyway, roll on 31/10/08 - after which I may even have time to blog more, and do more photos!