Wednesday, 17 February 2010

You can never tell with sheep

This snowy cold weather plays havoc with the sheep, as it does with all of us. As we are short of barn space for them, we are bringing ewes in as they lamb. Not ideal, but the best we can do in the circumstances. We were feeding outside the other day and we spotted one that was definitely doing death kicks, so along with another that was thin, they were duly caught and taken inside. The thin one was given a dose of wormer and as I had the wormer handy gave the "death-kick" lamb some, expecting it to be dead next time we looked.

Ilater asked OH if "that lamb has died yet", to which he replied "no, it's running around like a good'un!". As I said, you can never tell with sheep (the thin one is also still alive).

Friday, 5 February 2010

Is there no peace?

Just as the builders finish - there are 2 days work to do when the weather is better, visitors start arriving. Frist of all OH's cousin comes. They are trying to kid me that he is here for 6 months. Please, please let it be a joke. Then at the end of Feb my mum is coming for 2 weeks. At lease with said cousin here I've already started on the "mucking out" of the house - even though it is newly renovated, it still gets filthy. An industrial vacuum cleaning is needed, not the piddling domestic things you can only get in the supermarket, or shares in hoover bags.

OH gave in and hoovered up the other day, jammed the hoover and then decided it was time for a new one. Just a new bag was all that it needed. And his new Domestic God status stopped at hoovering, there was no putting out the washing or cooking. I suppose you just have to accept what help is given, look on the bright side and get on with strawing up the sheep.

So before mum arrives there is painting, garden tidying and a thousand and one other jobs to do, as well as the daily sheep chores. Perhaps if the weather improves I can do the sheep chores this week, and then start on the others. But if cousin is here for 6 months, he could give OH a hand with the hoovering!