Saturday, 10 January 2009

A "moving" experience

Well, we managed it. The last load from La Fromenterie left at 7.00 p.m. Christmas eve. We were installed in our new home that evening.

A friend had been previously to get the new cooker working, we had the telly and the washing machine going, so had to watch DVD's and video's all christmas as the "telly man" couldn't do the satelite until 29th December. So we missed the Christmas "Strictly", but not a lot else I think.

We are now here with 140 sheep - they've already had 6 lambs, the 4 horses, 4 dogs and 5 cats.
Another firend moved the horses, that went exceptionally well considering two of them had not been near a trailer or horsebox for 10 years - and they were relative babies then. Didier, the horse who was lucky to come, jumped out within the first hour - he is renowned for his jumping, but he is not broken so doesn't win prizes! We ended up putting the other three with him i another field. Thankfully he has now settled down and is getting used to the crap winter grass.

Charlie, the Beagle, has also come with us, and loves his new life. Even OH can get up to him and fuss him (we think he had been beaten by a man in his previous life).

Needless to say, we had a rather different Christmas - no tree, sent no cards, did no Christmas shopping but went to a local restaurant with my eldest, Louise, for Christmas lunch. That was very nice, and when we got back home unwrapped our only pressie - a video camera from the kids. That was truly a surprise (except the instructions are in French). Anyway, I think I've mastered it, so have been videoing the new place to show my mum when Laura and I go to England in February.

I have been unpacking some boxes to make the place a bit more homely - the builders start on Monday, and when it is all finished I'll have to move everything into the new bit. But boxes are so depressing.

The weather has been so cold since we got here. We had no water one day as it had frozen up, and had to be towed up the lane in the car after a shopping trip to Limoges and the road was iced up - but we slid down the hills (which was a bit scary). The car didn't go out for the rest of the week, we used the van instead. I did, however, get my Christmas pressy from OH - a chainsaw, so that I can go wooding! He also got his - a 102cm plasma screen TV - where did I go so wrong?

So, we watch bigger, better crap in glorious 102cm technicolour! But at least the sport loks better (even when my team lose). Two Mules for Sister Sarah is currently on (again).

Happy New Year to you all out there.