Sunday, 31 January 2010

A bit of peace and quiet

Even thought the computer is now in the office and not in the kitchen/sitting room/dining room (they were all one), p&q is still difficult to find. However, OH has gone off on a social morning (or to collect the bread), and there are no builders here. Even though it's Sunday they did threaten to come and finish our job, which has taken so long due to the naf weather we have had here in France. It snowed again all day yesterday. Again and again I ask OH "will we ever get warm again?".

I really should be doing some cleaning, or even decorating, as we have OH's cousin arriving this week. He arrives Wednesday, but has not given us a departure date. Should I be worried, I ask myself. The frightening thing is he is wandering around the UK, visiting his kids for about 5 months, hopefully the 5 months will be nearly at an end. Anyway, as we have bright warm sun today at least the bedding is on the washing line.

Lambing is well underway, with only a few bottlefed lambs. We seem to have had a spate of old, infirm ewes lambing - those lambs are definitely bottle-fodder. One poor little thing, named Arfa (as she is only half a lamb size), has a broken leg, which Laura and I splinted up with ice-lolly sticks. She is doing well, holding her own and "sticking it out".

This year we have had to clear out the barns of workshop stuff and furniture, the weather has been too bad to leave the lambs outside. Consequently, the controlled incoming of furniture and boxes that still need unpacking did not materialise, and there are boxes and furniture everywhere. Once the builders and snow have gone I will have more enthusiasm to get on with the painting, unpacking and sorting out rooms (she says). The trouble is, the garden will need attention then. Ah well, better get on and have something to see for my morning.