Monday, 16 August 2010

Summertime blues

Well summer has come and nearly gone again. Since my last blog - April (I really must try harder) we have had visits from my family, been hit by the ash cloud, had more kittens, chicks and pea chicks and both daughters have moved house.

My niece called in to see us on her way back to England from a winter job in the mountains. On her way to us she was vicitim of a French rail strike, and had to go right up to Paris to come back down to Limoges, but she made it. She was very grateful to be taken to the Chinese restaurant not far from Limoges station. As she tucked in I thought "blimey, she can eat for a little 'un."

She and my girls got together during the week and had a good time, Louise saying "can't you stay over the weekend?". She was supposed to return to the UK on the Friday. Enter ashcloud. Louise got her wish and a good time was had by all, with plans to fly back on Monday. Ash cloud remains, so flight plans on hold until Thursday. By now I was thinking "what on earth can we do now with my niece?" Both girls were working, but plans had been made for the following weekend. Wednesday - cancelled flight for Thursday had been "uncancelled". All arrangements made for the Wednesday night were rapidly re-jigged (we were going out and niece was to be entertained by Laura). Anyway, Thursday morning arrived, the girls arrived back at ours at 7.45, and we left for the airport at 8.00 a.m. My niece was last seen getting on Ryanair flight after her extended holiday with us, with promises to come back again!

My mum came back in July for her second visit this year, and again loved it. The weather was great, we had some lovely meals out and an impromptu picnic at home! We had arranged to go to the races with a load of friends on 14th July, but the day was horrid, so we got everyone to come to us with their picnics. A great day was had by all.

Again, we have got kittens and chicks a-plenty. Sadly with dogs about their numbers are soon reduced. Laura chose two kittens for when she moved house, but the mother took them all hunting and some have never come back. We now have a kitten in the utility room that is bound for Laura's new home, the mother cat is doing a great job in keeping all the dogs outside.

The peahen hatched 3 peachicks, but the fox has been responsible for 1 so we are now down to 2 - a male and female I think.

We are deperately wanting some rain. Everywhere round here is brown, and we will soon have to start feeding the sheep. Hopefully they will be ok until we get back from La Rochelle next Monday. We are treating ourselves to a mini-holiday to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversay, so Laura is (again) farmsitting.