Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Water, water everywhere..........

But not in the tap to drink, washup with, shower in, flush the loos with, use the washing machine or dishwasher with, water the cows and calves and sheep and lambs with - we had a disaster of the water-pump kind.

We have only a well water source, pumped up into the tank and electrically fed to the barns and the house. Only, the calves decided to wash the byre by dislodging the water bowls for their mums, and we didn't find it until too late. The 2 year old pump was burnt out. At 600 euros a time, plus fitting etc. it comes a bit expensive.

We have fitted a counter for the town (communal) water, but with the land being so wet (haha), the trench would be soon flooded before we put the pipe in, and it has to come up the drive which is about a kilometer long.

The plumber, bless him, decided it would be best to put the pump in the well, which meant pumping out gallons of (much needed) water. We caught as much as we could so we were able to water the animals, but it was like watching wine run away. I have to say I did think "thank god Laura is not here". When I told her about no water, she also thought the same.

Anyway, it is still raining, we have water in the byres and the house, but I'm still catching rain-water for the sheep. I think of it as one of my bits for the environment.

When we eventually sell, one of the questions is "Is there communal water?"

Water, water everywhere..........

Sunday, 6 April 2008

What's in your pocket?

After emptying the pocket of my fleecy - it was well due for a wash - I thought "what do normal people have in their pockets?". Tissues, for themselves or for the kids, keys - car or door keys. Tickets - bus or Parking Tickets? Favourite lipsticks or essential make-up? Shopping lists.

Mine - baler twine of the sting or blue plastic variety. A necessity when lambing if it is a difficult birth. Pen knife - you never know when you might need it. You know mine because of the elastic band around the knife bit (due to lack of finger nails I couldn't get the knife bit out, so put a laggy-band around to stop it going in too far). Tissue - but you wouldn't want to use it as you don't know who has used it, or for what! Perhaps cleaning the penknife or a lambs mouth. Share and share alike. Sheep marker. Always carry a sheep marker. If you have to lamb a ewe and the lamb is dead you need to know which one the mother is, for future reference. Pen and paper - similar to the sheep marker, but if the lamb is alive you need to know date of birth, sex and mother's number - again for future reference. I even carried the tooth of one my horses around. (He lost it, I didn't take it out!)

When the kids were small I never had tissues, now I collect serviettes. McDonald's to posh Christmas ones are in my bag, you never know when you might need them.

I remember one night I got up and could hear the cows out, went to investigate in my dressing gown and wellies and couldn't find any string to tie the gate up with. After relating the story to a neighbour he said"Don't tell me you don't carry string in your dressing gown pocket." I replied "No, but I tied the gate with my dressing gown belt!"

What's in your pocket?

What's in your pocket?