Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A tornado arrived

The new Dutch owners are coming for Christmas. Yes, it is their house, but with their agreement, our home.

Anyway, what with one thing and another - their stock husbandry and gipping to pay bills - we are trying to move before Christmas. This seemed to be an impossibility until the "Tornado" arrived - my daughter Louise. She and her partner arrived yesterday to help us load a van that we borrowed. So much for my not taking any rubbish. Anything that stood still was packed, loaded and taken to the other house. We are not proud people. We "found" a bedside table for OH's side of the bed - an old munition box. This definitely was not going with us. It was missing last night. Possibly last seen on route for St Barbant - courtesy of Louise.

But, bless her, we got two very good loads shifted.

I have tonight attempted the "boot room", found a nest of mice and still stink of mouse pee etc! So much for the 7 cats!

Whilst wrapping and packing, I missed the old days of years old newpapers. Today it is all bubble-wrapped. In theory this should hasten the job - nothing to read. Sadly, I found the test cricket to be more interesting than wrapping and packing! Isn't life sad? Well, it wont be when we go on a winter cricket tour to the West Indies - all that sun and jerk chicken!

So, we're hell bent on being out before christmas. Oh, and we've had our first lamb! Some randy little tup lamb was obviously celebrating christmas early.

Anyway, back to the packing and defrosting. It's clothes, fridges and freezers tomorrow. But we can't move entirely until the TV, satelite and computer are moved (and the bed). Bon nuit.