Friday, 28 March 2008

Where do I begin - again

Thank you to all who made a comment on "Happiness is a quiet lambing shed".

The weather in February was fantastic - springlike to say the least. March came in, as usual, snow in the first week and got worse. fortunately Easter passes us by, so it was just another crap weekend. I asked Laura if she had any Easter eggs (she was with her dad for easter) and she said yes, 1, where was mine? I apologised for being a crap mum, and said there wasn't one!

Lambing is not too bad, I think. The 2nd flock are lambing outside - not ideal but a necessity. They chase the grass every year. But, we have had 30-odd lambs go, which will improve the bank balance a bit.

I think I saw a swallow last week, but with the weather turning horrible again it might have gone to warmer climates.

Why, when I'm tractor driving or feeding the sheep, can I think of great, witty stories, but then faced with the computer and a screen it comes out crap - three times I've said that word?

Will have to get back into blogging again.

Wwhere do I begin - again

Wwhere do I begin - again