Saturday, 27 March 2010

Just when you think it's getting warmer..

At last the snow and cold have gone. We've even had some nice warm days, and have been heard to say that we could do with some rain! So this weekend it's gone a bit colder again, but we have some much needed rain. You can almost see the grass freshening up - I am reluctant to say growing because as quick as it grows the sheep eat it. The spring flowers are now starting to appear in the hedgerows, and the birds are singing away. We have got one of those (annoying) clocks that have birdsong at each hour, so having identified all the birds on it, I can also identify some of the birds as I hear them.

However, said clock is a little confusing as since the clocks changed in the autumn and I put it back an hour, the clock has been 6 hours out with the birdsong. We now get the cuckoo at 12.00, and the owl at 6.00 o'clock, and it's a nightmare trying to work the others out in between. Let's hope when the clock is put forward tonight it right's itself.

Lambing is all but finished, though we have had two more born this week. Those born earlier have all gone out and are eating their creep-feed well. The sheep are still having to be fed concentrates as they are short of grass - nice gentle warm rain is still needed. So our work load is much better now, we even had time to go to the Sunday market at Poitiers last week.

OH is doing great with the fencing, especially along the river. Hopefully there will be no repeat of last summer's escapes across the river over to the neighbour's lush fields. I do have to say though, the neighbours were very understanding - especially as there was no fence on their side either.

My mum has been over to see our new place. It was the first time she'd been to see us for two years. Luckily during that time she hasn't lost her knack with the washing line, cooker cleaning or pet lamb feeding! She enjoyed her stay so much - I wont say holiday as she never stops when she is here - she is coming back when the weather is better. She was a bit dumbstruck when she saw the house, but in no time at all she was finding her way around, and finding where everything lived. She just has to go and see my sister in her new house now.