Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I should've kept my mouth shut!

Following my last blog it has rained, and it has rained! But - we did need it. So now the grass is looking slightly better, the spring flowers are looking lovely, and the weeds are racing on!

I have also sold the last of the pea-chicks. They were both bought by a very nice French family last weekend, after being advertised on a French small ads site. I did get quite a bit of interest, but most people were wanting pea-hens, I only had peacocks. Let's hope she hatches more females next time.

Why is it when I get time to sit and do a blog my mind goes completely blank? When I'm out and about I mentally prepare a blog that, to me, sounds quite witty and entertaining, only to be gone when the computer is in front of me. If I dry up next time, I'll fall back on "name that silly tune".